Moving to Copenhagen anno 1890-1923

- a hack4dk 2018 project by Tal i Øret (Claus Jørgensen and Ulf R. Pedersen).

Link to movie on dropbox:


In this project we aim to make an audiozation and visualization of Danes moving from the country side into to rapidly growing capital, Copenhagen (text is in danish). Each dot represent one person moving to the city. The algorithmic music made from the data of how many people move. On "change today" (skifte dag) twice a year a lot of people move to the city. This period will make a set the beat of the music, and notes will be generate from where people move from in the country.

We have use the dataset "Politietsregisterblade (1890-1923)" [] that have information about where people live in Copenhagen in the period. For a given person we can find the first time they move into the city and their birthplace. We couple the birthplace to another database connecting danish city names with positions.

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This project is a part of the 2018 cultural hackathon HACk4DK:

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Some source and data files at GitHub


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